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Complyan GRC Platform for Compliance

Cybersecurity Maturity

Complyan helps you establish and benchmark your cyber maturity through a process of evaluating an organization’s current level of cybersecurity maturity and identifying areas for improvement. This assessment framework involves evaluating the organization’s cybersecurity practices, processes, and policies against established criteria or standards, and assessing their effectiveness in protecting the organization’s systems and data.

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) framework is commonly used for evaluating cybersecurity maturity. The CMMI framework consists of five maturity levels describing an organization’s capabilities in a particular area. The five levels of maturity in the CMMI framework are:

  1. Initial: The organization’s processes and practices are ad hoc and reactive, and there is little to no formalization of processes.
  2. Managed: The organization has established some formal processes and is starting to track and measure its performance.
  3. Defined: The organization’s processes are well-defined and standardized, focusing on continuous improvement.
  1. Quantitatively Managed: The organization can measure its processes’ effectiveness and use data to make informed decisions about improvements.
  2. Optimizing: The organization’s processes are optimized for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and there is a focus on continuous process improvement.

Complyan cybersecurity maturity assessment framework assesses an organization’s cybersecurity practices, and processes against the CMMI framework to determine the organization’s current level of cybersecurity maturity. This assessment can help organizations identify areas where they may need to improve their cybersecurity practices and provide a roadmap for how to do so. Complyan helps organizations improve cybersecurity maturity, organizations can better protect their systems and data and ensure the security and integrity of their operations.

Accelerate your journey for cybersecurity compliance today!