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Supply Chain Security

Preventing Software Supply Chain Attacks with Complyan:
A Comprehensive Solution for Managing and Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks in the Software Supply Chain

Software supply chain cybersecurity is important because software supply chain attacks can have significant consequences for organizations. In a supply chain attack, an attacker targets the software supply chain in order to gain access to an organization’s systems or networks. This can result in the compromise of sensitive data, the disruption of business operations, and damage to an organization’s reputation.

One example of a software supply chain attack is the SolarWinds breach, which occurred in 2020. In this attack, hackers targeted SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software, and inserted malicious code into a software update. The update was then distributed to thousands of SolarWinds customers, including government agencies and major corporations. As a result, the attackers could gain access to these organizations’ systems and steal sensitive data. The SolarWinds breach demonstrates the importance of cybersecurity for the software supply chain and the need for organizations to protect their software supply chains.

Fortifying Software Supply Chain Security with Complyan:
A SaaS Platform for Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Risk Management in the Software Supply Chain

Organizations can manage software supply chain cybersecurity using Complyan platform.
  1. Vendor risk assessment: Complyan provides tools and features for conducting risk assessments of software vendors to identify potential vulnerabilities or threats in the supply chain. This helps organizations prioritize vendor risk and take appropriate measures to mitigate or eliminate those risks.
  2. Supply chain mapping: Complyan helps organizations map their software supply chain and identify potential weak points or vulnerabilities. This can help organizations understand their risk profile and take steps to address any issues.
  1. Supply chain monitoring: Complyan can provide real-time monitoring of the software supply chain to identify and alert organizations to any potential risks or vulnerabilities that may arise. This can help organizations take timely action to mitigate those risks.
  2. Risk management: Complyan can provide tools and features for managing and mitigating supply chain risks, including tools for risk assessment, risk monitoring, and risk reporting.

Complyan helps organizations manage software supply chain cybersecurity by providing tools and features for conducting vendor risk assessments, mapping the supply chain, monitoring for risks, and managing and mitigating supply chain risks.

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